Services By ATS

ATS provides a complete gamut of assistance in moving your embedded system design to market. This includes

  • software design,
  • hardware design,
  • build environments, and
  • regression environments.

ATS can provide the various design components, the staff to build and design each component or manage each stage,

ATS can provide the training for you to manage each stage in-house.

So when vendors have gone out of business, no longer support older systems or you have just misplaced your circuit diagrams but you still need to keep site operational.

ATS have experience in reverse engineering components at all levels. This includes

  • rebuilding hardware circuit diagrams from a board.
  • restoring the source from a given library or executable,
  • using the above to reverse engineer crazy hardware/software operational protocols.
  • porting bwteen operating systems.

Open source software, when used correctly, is a boon for any company needing a fast turnaround from concept to deployment. This can be achived through either:

  • the isolation of business rules and thus company specific intellectual property,
  • extension of existing third-party API's,
  • selection of a compatible open source license, or
  • extended commercial licences.

Giving back to the community is also one way of enhancing future business oportunities.