Embedded Design

ATS provides a complete gamut of assistance in moving your embedded system design to market. This includes

  • hardware design,
  • the design and implementation of the software componets including build/regression environments,
  • the design of the housing and wiring layouts,
  • and marketing materials, and
  • the setting up of production runs.

ATS can either provide the various design components and manage each stage, or ATS can provide the training for you to manage each stage in-house.

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Builds and Regression Testing

ATS has extensive experience in setting up and maintaining build and regression systems. In most cases the build and regression system go hand in hand with a source repository system to provide continous build/test/certify cycles of all checked in source with error notification to suspects.

This process can also include the certifification of software on different hardware versions and even across totally different pieces of hardware.

This certification stage, as part of regression testing, can also monitor key QOS points and raise warnings when these points are exceeded.

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Reverse Engineering

So when vendors have gone out of business, no longer support older systems or you have just misplaced your circuit diagrams but you still need to keep site operational.

ATS have experience in reverse engineering components at all levels. This includes

  • rebuilding hardware circuit diagrams from a board.
  • restoring the source from a given library or executable, or when the original compilers/assemblers are missing, and
  • using the above to reverse engineer crazy hardware/software operational protocols.

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Continuous Data Processing

Need to continously operate on or manipulate live data from continous data acquition systems in real-time?

Need to run differing but similar test algortithms across live data? Need to compare results from these tests in a meaningful way in real-time.

ATS may be able to help you set up an environment and tools for you to achieve this sort of operation. Be warned though, this is a relative new area ATS have recently become involved in.

So while manipulation of live streams is old-hat, the live analysis of multiple algorithms display data in real-time is relatively new but staggering.

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Device Drivers

All your device driver needs including

  • reverse SCSI data acquistion cards,
  • specialised Naval interface cards,
  • digital IO points throuch PCI,
  • FPGA bootloader through PCI interface, and
  • secured encrypted bootloaders.
(amongst the more unusual)

ATS experience has been in either propietary drivers for in-house operating systems or third-party OS's or Linux.

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Recently ATS have become involved with the design of sensors, and the analysiS of the data from these sensors, in the field of Neusorscience.

This area of competence is still very new.

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