Reverse Engineering

TC Technologies

Building Security

The role was to reverse engineer a current product range including both the software and the hardware. This was especially difficult as not only were sections of the source code missing, circuit diagrams were missing but the original tools were were also no longer supported or missing.

Luckily there was a working demonstration system that could be used to certify any new designs.

The way forward once this initial system was constructed was to:

  • determine what tools were needed that were no longer available and replace them.
  • recode those areas where the source code was missing.
  • map out the circuits of those boards where the circuit diagrams are missing.
  • redesign those pieces of hardware that had end of life problems.
  • integrate the new boards and software inot the older systems.
The reverse engineering of this system was successful in that a complete system could be built from the new set of documentation, both hardware and software.