Reverse Engineering


The majority of these imini-projects have been either porting code across multiple operating systems or the reverse engineering of existing systems. This has included both the software as well as the hardware.

  • Wrote the software for an early embedded Plasma terminal with limited graphics.
  • Designed an Intel 8049 Hardware simulator using 8039 and 2716 EPROM. This simulator was used in development until the 8049 became freely available.
  • Designed Intel 8085 Hardware System for a Petrol Pump controller.
  • Reversed engineered and ported an old Unix curses based system, including a database a to windows NT workstation.
  • Convert an existing redundant communications channel consisting of multiple serial line from a UNIX/VMS implementation to windows NT. The serial links worked in parallel in order to provide a higher throughput.
  • Rewrote Compilers for 2 separate interpretive languages
  • Reverse engineered a GUI based database system to windows.
  • A screen scraping system to move Telstra data from a multiple mainframe based system to a Unix/Oracle based system.