Embedded Design

LFAPS Project

Naval Sonar

Inherited this project partially completed and running late. It also had a few technical issues regarding device drivers.

The implementation was a success with two world firsts for Australia. The results from the field trials of this system were also astounding from my point of view. The three points that stand out in my mind showing the effectiveness of the system were:

  • During a set of war games off the east Australian coast, two frigates were given the task of destroying each other.i Only one had the new sonar system. The new sonar system not only detected it's sister ship trying to hide within a fleet of container ships, but launched attack helicopters that effectively destroyed the ship before this sister ship located it's own target.
  • While testing and co-ordination tasks were being being carried out on the west coast of Australia, container ships were being detected travelling up and down the east coast of Africa.
  • While end-of life tests were being carried out in order to determine how the system degrades over time an American nuclear submarine was detected then followed for some time.