Welcome to Automated Test Systems.

Embedded System Design

Embedded systems control the world. They can be found inside such simple devices as watches and clock radios to complex control systems for monitoring nuclear power plants or satellites through to pet tracking devices.

With production runs in the millions it takes a unique mindset to design an embedded system at minimal cost that is stable and easy to maintain. A few cents for a component could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in over all costs.

ATS has the ability to design, build, and maintain both simple and complex embedded devices. Further, training is provided for our customers to take over the process at any point in this cycle they desire.

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Continous Data Processing

The process in managing a continous stream of data is complex in its own rightr. Analysing that stream of data in real-time takes considerable skill in both algorithm selection, hardware selection and scalability. The intergration of this type of system takes considerable skill and constant monitoring.

ATS can not only design such an embedded device but to also add targetted system monitoring in order to ensure guaranteed QOS over time.

Reverse Engineering

Lost or misplaced your schematics?

No longer able reproduce software due to misplaced tools or source?

Supplier gone out of business?

There is an excellent chance, ATS can reverse engineer the hardware, software and protocols all the way from a circuit board missing it's circuit diagram, to weird hardware/software integrated protocols.

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