Welcome to Automated Test Systems.

Embedded systems control the world. They can be found inside such simple devices as pet tracking devices to complex systems for monitoring the control of automated industrial plants.

ATS has the ability to design, build, and maintain both these simple and complex embedded systems across multiple platforms. Inhouse training can be provided to any customer to take over this development production process at any point they desire.

Lost or misplaced your schematics?

No longer able reproduce software due to misplaced tools or source?

Supplier gone out of business?

There is an excellent chance, ATS can reverse engineer the hardware, software and protocols all the way from a circuit board missing it's circuit diagram, to weird hardware/software integrated protocols.

Need assistance in integrating open source code into your business process?

How does open source integration actually work?

ATS has extensive experience in co-operating with various open source communties to meet our business and our clients business objectives. The minimisation of risk through license negiation and selection is paramount to successful integration with any business processes.